What Is The Punishment For Acid Attack In India?

Who banned acid in India?

6 years after SC ban, acid still being sold openly.

Lucknow More than six years after the country’s top court ordered a ban on open sale of acid , the vitriolic substance which has been the instrument of many assaults continues to sell like any other commodity in the market..

What is the first aid for acid attack?

The most important first aid is to immediately wash affected body part of patient with plenty of fresh or saline water. Don’t rinse the burn area with dirty water as it can cause severe infection.

Is Acid ban in India?

Despite the Supreme Court’s ban on OTC sale of acid except under specific conditions, it is rather easy to obtain a bottle of acid at local grocery stores. Divya Sreedharan, Jan 23 2020, 16:24 ist. updated: Jan 23 2020, 16:32 ist.

Is acid easily available in India?

Though it is not easily available in the national capital but in some pockets of the national capital, many local sellers and grocery stores sell acid openly and it can be procured for less than Rs 20 per bottle. More so, it is very commonly available in states like UP, Bihar, West Bengal and Telangana.

What happens to skin after acid attack?

As soon as a chemical like sulphuric acid hits the skin, a process called coagulation necrosis ensues. Accidental cell death occurs when the proteins in the skin are denatured by the caustic substance. In this acute window—essentially as immediately as possible after acid has touched skin—the damage must be contained.