Quick Answer: Who Is Luiz Wife?

What foot is David Luiz?

– EC Vitória U20Full name:David Luiz Moreira MarinhoPosition:Defender – Centre-BackFoot:rightPlayer agent:Bertolucci SportsCurrent club:Arsenal FC10 more rows.

Which club is David Luiz playing for now?

Arsenal F.C.#23 / DefenderDavid Luiz/Current teams

How old is Thiago Silva?

36 years (September 22, 1984)Thiago Silva/Age

How old is Mustafi?

28 years (April 17, 1992)Shkodran Mustafi/Age

Who is Luiz girlfriend?

Bruna LoureiroBruna Loureiro was born on December 17, 1993, which means that her age is 26. According to her birthday, Loureiro zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Bruna Loureiro was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, meaning that her nationality is also Brazilian like David Luiz. According to some reports, Bruna Loureiro job is a model.

What religion is David Luiz?

David Luiz is a devout Evangelical Christian and has named Kaká as his role model. He said, “My faith gives me the belief that I can go out and perform and improve as a player. It gives me strength and inspiration.” He later added, “Everything in life belongs to God.

What age is David Luiz?

33 years (April 22, 1987)David Luiz/Age

How old is Willian of Chelsea?

32 years (August 9, 1988)Willian/Age

Why did Luiz leave Chelsea?

David Luiz said he left Chelsea to join Arsenal because of his “ambition” and to experience a “new challenge”. … Chelsea, who beat Arsenal in the Europa League final, came third in the league last season with Arsenal fifth. “I am a guy with ambition and that is why I moved.

How old is azpilicueta?

31 years (August 28, 1989)César Azpilicueta/Age

How old is Lampard?

42 years (June 20, 1978)Frank Lampard/Age