Quick Answer: What Are Justin Bieber’S Fans Called?

What are Katy Perry fans called?

Katy KatsSo just like Harry Potter fans are known as Potterheads, Taylor Swift fans are known as Swifties and Katy Perry fans are known as Katy Kats – usually every fandom’s fan base has a nick-name..

Who has the most fans in the world?

Top 10 football clubs with most fans in the worldFC Bayern Munich / Fußball-Club Bayern München. … Paris Saint-Germain. In total: 80.31 mln. … F.C. Liverpool. In total: 82.2 mln. … Chelsea F.C. In total: 86.58 mln. … Juventus F.C. In total: 92.4 mln. … Manchester United F.C. In total: 134.1 mln. … FC Barcelona. In total: 232.68 mln. … Real Madrid C.F. In total: 239.87 mln.More items…•

What are Harry Potter fans called?

PotterheadsDiehard fans of the series are called “Potterheads”. Some even theme their weddings around Harry Potter. A Bridal Guide featured two real weddings soon before the release of the final movie, which quickly spread through the fandom via Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

What are Ariana Grande fans called?

Ariana’s fans weren’t always called Arianators. They started out as Ariana Army and then Tiny Elephants, before moving onto Arianators!

Who is Justin Bieber’s biggest fan?

Gabrielle Newton-Bieber, 22, from Worksop, Nottingham, says she is the world’s biggest Justin Bieber fan.She has five tattoos dedicated to the star, including one on her shoulder depicting the key that is often spotted hanging round the singer’s neck with his song title Never Say Never written above.More items…•

What are ITZY haters called?

Their fans will be called “MIDZY”, which plays on the Korean word for trust, and reflects the Korean girl group’s name as well.

Which is the biggest fan in the world?

The Largest Fan In The WorldDimensions are 8.48 x 5.18 metres (27 ft 10 in x 17 ft)… … It was created by a company called Goods of Desire (G.O.D) in Hong Kong, and presented at the G.O.D Peak Galleria store in 2009.The fan is made from wood and paper.It operates exactly the same as any normal fan would.

Which singer has more fans in the world?

Popularity rankingArtistFans tracking01RihannaFans tracking: 3,987,56102ColdplayFans tracking: 3,945,43603DrakeFans tracking: 3,897,60504EminemFans tracking: 3,847,61491 more rows

What are Miley Cyrus fans called?

the SmilersRead below for an essay from one of Miley Cyrus’ fans, who are called the Smilers.

What is Justin Bieber’s fandom called?

BeliebersDating back as early as 2010, the devoted Justin Bieber fandom known as Beliebers come from all walks of life, stretching from teen aficionados to spunky grandparents who claim to be the “oldest Beliebers.” There’s nothing off-limits for Beliebers, who have literally done everything to prove their unconditional love …

What does Belieber mean?

Belieber (plural Beliebers) (informal) A fan or supporter of Canadian singer Justin Bieber (born 1994); a Justin Bieber fanatic.