Quick Answer: Do They Speak English In Belgium?

What is the typical greeting in Belgium?

A typical greeting in Flemish is Goeiedag (Good day); the French equivalent is Bonjour.

Informally, and if familiarity permits, one would say Hallo (Hello) in Flemish and Salut in French.

English and German greetings would not be out of place in Brussels and some other cities..

What is I love you in Belgium?

Ik hou van je.

What is the most common language in Belgium?

DutchFrenchGermanBelgium/Official languages

How do you say beautiful in Belgium?

Wiktionary: beautiful → mooi, schoon, prachtig.

How do you say I miss you in Flemish?

There is no difference between Dutch or Flemish (Belgium) to say “I miss you”. Just “Ik mis je/jou”.

How much is a beer in Brussels?

Cost of Living in BrusselsRestaurants[ Edit ]Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course60.00€McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal)9.00€Domestic Beer (1 pint draught)4.00€Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle)4.00€62 more rows

What percentage of Belgium speaks English?

The Kingdom of Belgium has three official languages: Dutch, French, and German. A number of non-official, minority languages and dialects are spoken as well….Languages of BelgiumForeignEnglish (2nd: 38%), Spanish (2nd: 5%), Italian (1st: 2%, 2nd: 1%), Arabic (1st: 3%, 2nd: 1%), Turkish (1st: 1%)6 more rows

Can you live in Belgium speaking English?

Dutch and English are fine. You will need to learn French within the next year but to begin with those two languages are fine. Plus people in Belgium are very well educated in English. … But if you don’t speak French, your day to day life witll not be very easy.

How do you ask for the bill in Belgium?

To ask “May I have the check, please?” say Mag ik de rekening alstublieft? (pronounced mahkh ik də raykəning ahlstoobleeft). For a simpler way to request the check, simply say de rekening alstublieft.

What should I wear in Belgium?

What to Wear in BelgiumLike most of Western Europe there is no dress code as such and really anything is acceptable.Black is always a popular color, and smart casual clothes will help you fit right in.Jeans are always popular and will serve as a versatile base to your wardrobe.More items…

Why is Brussels so expensive?

Brussels is the biggest city in Belgium and it’s home to the EU parliament. It’s also a major business hub of Europe, — which means it’s expensive since the city caters to a lot of wealthy business people. Attractions are on the expensive side, and everyday items like transportation and food can be rough on the budget.

Is English widely spoken in Belgium?

An increasing number of Flemish people and French speakers in Belgium speak at least a second and even a third language. These days, there is little chance that you will meet anyone here who does not speak English. … As a result, you can often also speak English in informal situations throughout Belgium.

Do they speak English in Brussels?

Brussels is officially bilingual (Dutch-French), but in reality French is the dominant language. It is also an international city, so English (and a lot of other languages) are common. In parts of the town where you encounter a lot of tourists both languages should be equally fine.

What is considered rude in Belgium?

It is considered impolite to snap your fingers. Do not put your hands in your pockets, yawn, scratch or use toothpicks in public. Feet should never be put on chairs or tables. Back slapping is considered offensive.