Quick Answer: Can I Transfer My Red Card To A White Card?

Can white card be done online?

You can obtain your white card online or in a classroom.

Face to face training in a classroom with your certificate received at the end of the day.

Online training is not available.

New South Wales: Training must be completed in the classroom..

How much does it cost to get your white card?

The cost for White Card course is $79. An additional $20 is payable at the completion of your course for processing of your actual white card. (This is a fee that NSW WorkCover charges and not Licences 4 Work).

Can you do white card online in Vic?

About construction induction training (white card) Construction Induction Training is not permitted to be delivered by online training or elearning (computer based training that is completed at your own pace, at a time convenient to you).

How much is a replacement white card?

If you have completed your Construction Induction White Card with our company we are able to replace your card for a small fee of $25. Your lost card will be reissued within 1 business day.

Do white cards expire?

Your White Card will not expire, however if you have been out of the construction industry for a period of two years or more you will need to redo the course.

How long does it take to get a white card?

However, due to the efficiencies of online learning, we find most people take approximately 2-4 hours to complete the course content and approximately 1-2 hours to complete the assessments (knowledge and video verbal assessment for new CPCCWHS1001 white card).

Do red cards expire?

Red cards remain valid after 1 July 2008, and do not need to be transferred to construction induction cards; a construction statement of attainment issued by an RTO, pending processing of a construction induction card, or.

What is a red card in construction?

Red cards are uniquely numbered and include date of issue or completion, name of the card holder, name of the training provider and may vary in colour and presentation but must contain the Foundations for Safety logo.

Are red cards still valid in Victoria?

Red cards still remain valid in Victoria. From 1 July 2008, Red Card Replacements MUST be replaced with a White Card.

Do I need to update my white card?

Once you have received your white card, it will remain valid while you continue to work in construction. However, if you do not work in this field for a period of two consecutive years, you will need to renew your white card by undertaking training again.

Is the white card test hard?

Looking to complete your white card course and want to know the answers to the test? … It’s really not an overly difficult test but it’s important as it aims to provide you with all of the important basic information you need to know about safety on a construction site.

Is getting a white card easy?

We’ve issued more than 100,000 White Cards issued nationwide to students that have completed the course (CPCCWHS1001) ‘Work safely in the construction industry’, online. The course is quick and easy. … The White Card you gain upon completion of the course is nationally accredited.

What’s the difference between a red card and a white card?

What Is The Difference Between Red Card And White Card? The Red Card is the mandatory certification required for employees working in the Victorian construction industry. … In contrast, the WorkSafe VIC White Card can be issued in Melbourne and will be accepted anywhere in Australia.

How do I get a white card in Melbourne?

White Card TAS Informationa completed application form.a copy of the Statement of Attainment (certification) confirming the successful completion of the course. This must include your name, RTO number, date of issue and training unit (CPCCWHS1001)your evidence of identity documents.

How long does a red card last?

Dissent leading to a red card will generally earn a two-match ban, while violent conduct can be punished with a suspension for three games.