Quick Answer: Can Hedgehogs Roam The House?

Can hedgehogs run around the house?

Young children may have trouble trying to hold hedgehogs due to their quills.

For this and many other reason, hedgehogs are best in a home without young children.

Temperature must be kept between 72-80 degrees.

You can hold your hedgehog, let him run around on your lap or in safe rooms of the house..

Where would a hedgehog hide in your house?

Hedgehogs are likely to curl up in a pile of laundry, backpacks, bags, and even shoes. They can also hide under appliances that are dark and warm ( fridges, dishwashers, laundry machines, water heaters, etc). Avoid running appliances until you have found the hedgehog.

What kind of housing do hedgehogs need?

The cage should be large enough to allow the hedgehog to move around. 2 x 3 feet (61 x 91cm) should be the minimum floor space provided. Walls must be high enough to prevent escape, as hedgehogs are good climbers. A glass aquarium or smooth sided cage is a reasonable choice for many owners.

Do you have to keep a hedgehog in a cage?

Building Your Hedgehog’s Habitat Hedgehogs require an escape-proof cage.

Why do hedgehogs try to escape?

This is very normal..they were just taken away from their mother and they are trying to get back to her. Make sure they are in escape proof cages. I’ve heard of hedgies trying to get out when they are bored.

Do hedgehogs bite you?

Most hedgehogs won’t bite unless you smell tasty or they feel afraid. Hedgehogs are not usually aggressive, but the saying “anything with teeth may bite” certainly applies.