Question: What Mental Illness Did Michael Myers Have?

Why does Michael Myers never run?

So Michael is not slow in the fashion of a zombie that is slow because it is in a state of living death, rather, he probably has no real reason to move quickly as he is not in a hurry.

The cinematic answer is that Michael doesn’t have to run because he’s not necessarily in a rush..

Why is Michael Myers so evil?

Because at a young age, he was cursed with the mark of Thorn. Although in the old Halloween films, Michael loved his family, but the curse made him kill them. So Michael became immortal, being that the cult of Thorn gave him the supernatural power to not die.

Is Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees the same person?

Michael Myers is a human being, which is one big way that he differs from Jason Voorhees. Jason is considered “undead” and some fans debate what to refer to him as, but it’s definitely true that after drowning in Camp Crystal Lake, he comes back to life in some way.

Why is Michael Myers so strong?

‘Michael Myers’ is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER. As such, he is not limited by human frailty like death; and if he were, Hollywood would not be able to keep his franchise (movies he’s part of) going, and make money off of his ‘inhuman-ness. … He is strong because he isn’t human. He is led by dark forces.

Is Michael Myers really dead?

As you’ll recall, Myers has been burned alive before (in Halloween II), but that didn’t work, and also never happened, according to this new timeline. Unless we see Myers cut into little pieces, it’s always safe to assume he’s not dead.

Is Michael Myers schizophrenic?

Michael Myers is a deep and complex character, psychopathic and a schizophrenic. He claims to hear voices in his head, instructing him to kill, with the first murder being committed when he was six years of age; his sister.

Why does Michael Myers tilt his head?

One reason John Carpenter selected a blank, featureless mask for Michael Myers in Halloween is to suggest he needs to wear it just to pass for human. … Michael has pinned him to the wall with a butcher knife, which is when Michael starts tilting his head slowly from left to right, seemingly admiring his work.

Is Michael Myers intelligent?

Michael Myers is the worst type of mad slasher. He’s very intelligent, inhumanly strong, patient, perceptive, stealthy, a quick learner and possesses an indomitable will. He learned to drive just by looking at people driving. Being a real stalker he is an expert at stealth as well as the use of any weapon.

Why did Michael Myers start killing?

Halloween withholds his mental state from us. There’s a simple explanation for what motivates Michael Myers that closely follows slasher movie logic, in which the killer is often motivated by a combination of neglect and sexual jealousy.

How tall is Michael Myers?

6 foot 7 inchesMichael Myers, recently portrayed by Tyler Mane in Halloween (2007), is depicted as 6 foot 7 inches (2.01 m) tall. Michael Myers was played originally by Nick Castle in Halloween (1978) at the height of 5 foot 10 inches (1.78 m). Michael Myers is the main antagonist of the slasher movie franchise, Halloween.

Does Michael Myers have a weakness?

The only real weakness that Michael Myers has is that he has an obsession with Halloween. He only really kills on or around this date, with very few exceptions. He once sat quietly in a cave for almost an entire year, waiting for the end of October. Once it got close enough, he got up and started killing.

Is Michael Myers Based on a true story?

In short, Halloween is not based upon a true story. However, it does not require it be based on a real story to be truly terrifying. And there WAS real inspiration for the making of Michael Myers. And there were several other real-life inspirations in the making of the Halloween franchise.

Why does Michael Myers hate his sister?

Michael is intrigued by Laurie and chooses to follow her. His reason for following Laurie is not revealed. … So, Michael’s reason for trying to kill Laurie is mysterious as it was never Carpenter or Hill’s intention to reveal why he wanted to kill Laurie other than he saw her and her friends and decides to kill them.

Was Michael Myers a sociopath?

Michael has a disorder called catatonia. … Michael also seems to be psychopathic, engaging in zoosadism and mass murder, however he may also be sociopathic, which means emotions could be there, but in some cases they are blunted or flat.

Does Michael Myers kill kids?

He does kill children. He made two attempts on his niece, Jamie when she was 8 and 9 years old. Then, as ridiculous as it was, he fathered her child and finally killed her when she was 15. … Michael Myers is going to kill you in 24 hours and you have to choose one character from any video game to protect you.

Why did Michael Myers wear a mask?

This info can be found in the Halloween: The Inside Story. They tested out the Capt. Kirk mask and the crew decided that it was much more creepy because it was emotionless, much like Michael himself. This became the Michael Myers mask.

Why is Michael obsessed with Laurie?

Laurie body was good looking and reminded him of his sister…a psycho sexual thing. … Michael goes after Laurie because she was the one that got away. He wants to finish what he started. He found a sister-like figure in Laurie, and he’s become fixated on her.

How does Laurie Strode die?

In Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988), Laurie is revealed to have died in a car accident prior to the film’s events, with the role of protagonist taken up by her young daughter, Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris).

Who was the scariest Michael Myers?

Here are the nine best Michael Myers Performances, Actors Ranked!1 Nick Castle/Tony Moran (Halloween)2 James Jude Courtney (Halloween 2018) … 3 Dick Warlock (Halloween II) … 4 George P. … 5 Tyler Mane (Halloween 2007) … 6 Don Shanks (Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers) … 7 A. … 8 Brad Loree (Halloween: Resurrection) … More items…•

Does Michael Myers have autism?

It’s fascinating that Myers went from seeming autistic in the original series when he was middle class, to being schizophrenic in the remakes, when he was lower class. As I’ve previously explained, autism is more common in the higher social classes, while schizophrenia is more common in the lower social classes.

Why does Michael Myers kill his sister?

That Myers’ entire identity, down to his masked face and sadistic touch, feels like it’s born from an obsession with sex and a fear of it. We know this because Myers shows us. As Halloween begins, we see the night that comes to define his sexuality, as he rushes into his older sister’s bedroom and stabs her to death.