Question: How Is Berlin Alive In Season 3?

Did Berlin survive?

He never came out alive.

At the end of Episode 9 of Season 2 he sacrifices himself near the tunnel.

What we see in the season 3 and season 4 are flashbacks of Berlin.

In Netflix series anything is possible I wouldn’t be surprised if he returns alive in upcoming series..

Who died in money heist 4?

Money Heist season 4 is on Netflix and fans were left feeling emotional after one of the main characters was killed. Nairobi (played by Alba Flores) died after being shot in the head and fans of La Casa de Papel are still suffering. The actress Flores has revealed why she had to leave the series.

Who all died in money heist?

Season 4Pamuk – Mentioned by Marseille to have been killed by kids, who are playing war.Germán Sierra – Mentioned by Alicia to have been died of cancer.Ágata Jiménez/Nairobi – Shot in the forehead by Gandia.Gandia – Beat to death by Bogotá in revenge for Nairobi’s death.

Is Raquel a traitor?

Some users have pointed out that she was not a traitor, but just taken by the police against her will. Another user called gramfer replied: “Nah, she burnt all bridges. A traitor would give everybody up before the new robbery, at least the Professor.”

Do Monica and Denver break up?

They worked together to remove the bullet. While he was cleaning her wounds, Monica made a move on Denver. They both fell in love. Moscow told Denver that it was just Stockholm syndrome and so Denver angrily broke off their romance.

Is Berlin in money heist Season 3?

In the final minutes of part 2, Berlin sacrifices himself so that the gang can escape, dying under police fire. Despite his death, he appears in a main role in part 3 through flashbacks to several years earlier, showing his original planning of the Bank of Spain heist and being married to a woman named Tatiana.

How did Berlin die?

However, Berlin’s death was essentially an assisted suicide. Diagnosed with a disease that only gave him seven months to live, he decided to sacrifice himself to the police in an attempt to give his crew more time to escape from the Mint. ‘Money Heist’ Part 4 Ending Explained: What Happened At the End?

How is Berlin alive in Season 4?

Ever since the release of the trailer of the fourth season of the show, people have been wondering if Andrés de Fonollosa known by the codename Berlin is actually alive. However, to the disappointment of the fans, he is not alive and was dead when shot in an attempt to save his people.

Is Berlin the professor’s dad?

The Professor (Sergio Marquina) is a fictional character in the Netflix series Money Heist, portrayed by Álvaro Morte….Professor (Money Heist)ProfessorFull nameSergio MarquinaAliasThe Professor / Salvador “Salva” MartínOccupationRobberFamilyJesús Marquina (father) Berlin (brother)9 more rows

Is Berlin alive in Part 3?

However, when the show was finally released on Netflix, it became clear that Berlin is only returning in flashbacks. … Despite not being alive in part three of La Casa de Papel, Berlin plays as crucial role as one of the masterminds behind the plan to break into the vault of the Bank of Spain.

Why did Berlin throw Tokyo out?

5 Tokyo Thrown Out She wanted to take over the command of the crew but Berlin wasn’t having any of it. So, in a bid to teach her lesson, he went too far and threw Tokyo out of The Royal Mint of Spain. Soon, the police pounced on her and the Professor had a new problem to deal with.

Does Rio die in money heist?

After the gang escapes the Royal Mint at the end of season two, Rio & Tokyo escape to an island in Panama with their portion of the money. … After a robbery gone wrong, Tokyo & her partner (implied to be her boyfriend at the time) try to escape, but her partner is shot dead and Tokyo is left on her own.

Is Berlin Sergio’s brother?

Berlin and The Professor are actually real brothers, despite having different surnames (maybe they only share their mother/father). It was confirmed by the creator of the show in an interview with Vertele. El Profesor (Álvaro Morte) and Berlin (Pedro Alonso) were not originally supposed to be brothers.

Why did Rio break up with Tokyo?

Tokyo and Rio only embrace each other for a moment and break-up. There was no hope for Tokyo and Rio as she believes that they have no life ahead and only enjoyed moments in the past. Tokyo also reveals that she cheated on him with Denver and he seems upset. … This is why Tokyo and Rio separated.

Is Ariadna like Berlin?

Heist admitted that she wanted to save herself for survival as she thought that they were killing people. Berlin did force Heist to stay with him, but from his point of view, she loved him. She laughed at Berlin’ s attempts to be funny, and pretended to be in love with him.

Does Berlin return in money heist?

The second-in-command & half-brother of the Professor (Alvaro Morte), Berlin, met his tragic end back in season 2 of Money Heist. Fans, however, are convinced season 5 of Money Heist is when he’ll make his dramatic return.

How is Berlin alive in money heist?

Is Berlin actually alive in Money Heist? Berlin met his fate at the end of part two of La Casa de Papel when he sacrificed himself to allow his fellow heist members to escape.

Why did they kill Berlin money heist?

At the end of season two of Money Heist, Berlin was killed during a brutal stand-off with the police. Having been diagnosed with a terminal illness, he decided to sacrifice himself to give his team more time. This meant he put himself in the firing line so they could escape from the Royal Mint of Spain.

Why did Netflix remove money heist?

Another Twitterati said that it might be a technical issue and a bug got activated which somehow disabled the most popular shows from Netflix. Other users also suggested that reloading the app solved their problem. #MoneyHeist not removed from Netflix.