Question: How Can I Get Free Royal Pass?

Can we get free royal pass?

Yes, you get PUBG Free Royal Pass Season 14 by playing some in-game tournament.

you don’t need to pay a single rupee for it, Register in India Challenge Going on or crew challenge.

The winner gets 250 UC or 300 points depending upon the 3 categories.

You could exchange the points into UC 1000 points = 100 UC..

How do I get a cheap royal pass?

Give Highest Popularity on this Pubg ID – “5325257607” & Get a Chance to win Free UC & Royal Pass of Season 14.Step 1 – Create RazerGold Account. First of all, visit the RazerGold Official Website. … Step 2 – Add Balance to Razer Gold Wallet. … Step 3 – Purchase UC at Cheap Price with MidasBuy.

How can I get royal pass?

Use the following steps to purchase the Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile:Open PUBG Mobile on your phone.Click on the RP section located on the right side of your screen.Hit the upgrade button in the bottom right corner.Choose between the two variants of the Royale Pass.Click on Buy Royale Pass and complete the payment.

How can I get UC in PUBG 2020 for free?

So, these are the steps to download the app and get free UC in PUBG Mobile.Step 1: Install Google Opinion Rewards. Launch the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone and search for ‘Google Opinion Rewards’. … Step 2: Take a Survey. … Step 3: Open PUBG Mobile on your phone.

How do I get free royal pass 13?

There are a lot of apps that give out free UC to players. All players have to do is install the app and complete the given tasks in order to redeem free UC. You can use the free UC that you have redeemed to buy the Season 13 Royale Pass.

What is the cost of 600 UC in PUBG?

Rs 799600 UC is priced at Rs 799 and 1800 UC is available at Rs 1,949.